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What are the characteristics of aluminum shutter

What are the characteristics of aluminum shutter

  • Nov. 11,2022

Do you know the advantage of using aluminum strips for blinds?Now let us know.

1, Light weight, high strength: aluminum alloy material is hollow thin wall combination section, easy to use, reduce weight, and the section has a high bending strength, made of Windows and doors durable, small deformation.

2. Good sealing performance: aluminum alloy itself is easy to extrude, the cross-section size of the profile is accurate, and the processing accuracy is high. Optional waterproof, elastic, durability are good sealing materials, such as rubber laminate and silicone series of sealant. In terms of profiles, various sealing grooves have been completed together with the section in the extrusion molding process, creating favorable conditions for the installation of sealing materials.

3. Beautiful shape: aluminum alloy surface after anodic electrochemical treatment, can present ancient lead liver copper. Gold, silver and other colors, can be selected at will, after oxidation clean and shiny. The sash frame is large and can be inlaid with a large area of glass, so that the indoor light is full and bright, enhances the contrast between the virtual and real facade between the indoor and outdoor, and makes the living room richer.

4. Strong corrosion resistance: aluminum gold oxidation layer does not fade. Do not fall off, do not need to paint, easy to maintain, no maintenance

Aluminum shutter strips is also one of the products produced by our company(Zhaoqing Dingfeng Building Materials Co., Ltd ). We are the source of aluminum factory, to ensure that manufacturers wholesale supply direct supply. We have Specification of 3000 series colour coated aluminum alloy sheet coil for rolling shutter slats,with more than 1000 color samples ,such as solid color, wood grain, stone grain, etc

We strictly control the quality in the production process,It usually takes 15-20 days to produce an order.Aluminum strips needs to be manufactured, transported and processed However, for different orders or different times, the exact delivery time may vary.

If you are interested in our colorful aluminum shutter strips, welcome to cooperate, win-win and mutual benefit!

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