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  • Aluminum coil coating line
    • Nov 02,2022

    Aluminum coil coating line Aluminum is a perfect substrate for color coating because of its flat matte finish and high corrosion resistance. Aluminum consumption in construction is growing due to the weight difference compared to steel, making it suitable for large span roof panels, mezzanine panels, composite panels and many other construction applications. Coating methods for aluminum in constru...

  • Advantages of timber look aluminium
    • Oct 05,2022

    Advantages of wood look aluminum Our wood finish aluminum provides the wood look that architects and designers desire, which is often impossible to achieve. By utilizing aluminum, a lightweight, non-combustible material, designers can avoid issues such as weight restrictions and fire standards that may force designers to sacrifice overall design intent. Below we show you the advantages of aluminum...

  • Why Choose DingFeng For Colour Coated Aluminium Coil?
    • Oct 05,2022

    Color coated aluminum coils are popular among professionals in a variety of industries, such as appliances, composites and electronics. These coils exhibit a range of benefits, some of which are light weight, recyclability, corrosion resistance and uniform color. Dingfeng has earned a reputation in the national and international markets for its impeccable line of aluminum coils. The vibrant colors...

  • Dingfeng Building Materials attends the 43rd China International Furniture Fair
    • Mar 20,2019

    Dingfeng Building Materials attends the 43rd China International Furniture Fair(Guangzhou). More than 100 new color of aluminum decorative panels and some of the latest wooden and marble painted aluminum coil are showed on the exhibition. Many customers have interest in our products and ask for our samples, like customers come from United State, Italy, Korea and Germany. The aluminum decorative pa...

  • Dingfeng Building Materials attends the ACETECH NEW DELHI in December 2018
    • Jan 11,2019

    Dingfeng Building Materials attends the ACETECH NEW DELHI in December 2018. The new product aluminum decorative panels which are new and Eco-friendly materials are showed on the exhibition. Many customers are very interested in these products because it is new to most of them. And the latest embossed wooden aluminum and many new pattern samples are displayed in the exhibition too. Our products beg...

  • Color coated aluminium coil for shutter louvers
    • Aug 01,2018

    Color coated aluminium coil can be used to create vertical or mini blinds that are durable and aesthetically pleasing. If you want to reduce the amount of light coming from outside, color coated aluminum coil for the Venetian blinds, can block out light while allowing only less light to enter. Of course, you can have your style of painted aluminum coils made into blinds that can provide you with c...

  • Hot selling aluminum ceiling tiles in 2018
    • Aug 01,2018

    If you plan to decorate your home or office, it is highly recommended that you use aluminum ceiling tiles. These are wonderful if you have a really high ceiling and you are looking for a way to bring it down some. Clip-in tile ceiling with hidden frame, adopts the suspension system with the ceiling clamped into the hidden frame, which is convenient for installation and dis-assembly, very flexible ...

  • How much do you know about the Color coated aluminum strips?
    • Aug 01,2018

    Color coated aluminum strips widly used for aluminum gutter, aluminum buckle, aluminum grille, aluminum strip, aluminum hanging suspended, aluminum ceiling, shutter doors and windows, ect . Color coated aluminium strip which Is produced with aluminum coil, its coating types and color can be customized. Its paint has different types such as PE/PVDF/HDPE/FEVE. PVDF and PEVE have 10-15 years of quali...

  • Painted aluminum coils for architectural decoration materials.
    • Aug 01,2018

    Color coated Aluminum Coil refers to the aluminum coil through coating and coloring treatment generally includes PE coated aluminum coil and PVDF coated aluminum coil. The coated aluminum coil is widely used to manufacture aluminum composite panel, aluminum ceiling, roofing aluminum veneer, aluminum honeycomb panel, electronic products, etc. Color coated Aluminium Coil is the most popular new mate...

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