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The advantages of honeycomb panels

The advantages of honeycomb panels

  • Dec. 08,2022

The most indispensable building material is the plate, especially some building materials in the construction of relatively simple, but also more environmental protection, so to many consumers are more like, and honeycomb board is one of the boards,Dingfeng color prepainted aluminum coils can also be used for honeycomb panels, wood grain, stone grain and other color coated aluminum coils.New let's understand the advantages  of honeycomb board.

Honeycomb panelHoneycomb panels

The advantages of honeycomb panels:

1,Good heat insulation, sound insulation performance

The bee sleeve hole of the bee sleeve core is a closed structure, which is filled with air and does not circulate.Therefore, it has good heat insulation and sound insulation performance.

2, Excellent buffer vibration isolation function

Honeycomb cardboard is a core structure, with excellent cushioning and vibration isolation function, close to EPS.

3,Less material consumption, high specific strength and stiffness, light weight.

Bees use the least amount of materials to build the largest and strongest hive.Through scientific research and demonstration, the geometric structure of honeycomb, the formation of the whole.The structure of the body is similar to that of an arch bridge, which increases the compressive strength of the surface by 100 times.The beehive board adopts honeycomb structure, so it also uses the least material.Consumption, to obtain the maximum volume and maximum strength, stiffness.In the same case of paper consumption, higher than corrugated board, close to EPS(flammable polystyrene Styrofoam), only a few tens of times as much as water.

4. Strength and stiffness are easy to adjust

Change the thickness of core paper, gram weight or change the aperture of honeycomb core, core height, honeycomb cardboard can obtain different strength and stiffness.

5, Export without fumigation, quarantine free

Honeycomb cardboard because in the production process after infrared drying or microwave drying, equivalent to disinfection and sterilization treatment, so there is no need to smoke export

Steamed, quarantine free.This can be used in the packaging of export products to a certain extent instead of wood.

6, Can carry out special process to obtain unique functions

Honeycomb cardboard is all paper material, easy to carry out special processing to obtain waterproof, flame retardant, anti-virus, curing enhancement and other special properties.This is also one of the reasons why honeycomb cardboard can be popularized and applied.

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