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Aluminum coils for rolling shutter

Aluminum coils for rolling shutter

  • Nov. 28,2022

ZHAOQING DINGFENG BUILDING MATERIALS CO., LTD  has 4 main products at present in our 4 production base.(1.Painted aluminum strips for roller shutters  2.Color aluminum coils for aluminum composite panels  3.Aluminum honeycomb panels for ceilings  4.Coated aluminum ceiling plates.

One of the best-selling products of Dingfeng is color painter aluminum coils.Wooden coils,marbol color coils,pure color,etc. Color coated aluminum rolls can be made of windows and doors shutter.

Today let's talk about Aluminnum rolling shutter.

Compared with ordinary rolling shutter doors, they have considerable advantages, whether from the appearance, environmental protection or safety. Aluminum alloy rolling shutter doors can be sprayed on the surface of various colors and patterns, but also can be covered with concave and convex wood grain, sand grain, etc., highlight the noble temperament, significantly improve the grade of your bunk, let you stand out in many bunk.

The special material and structural design of the rolling shutter door of aluminum alloy can effectively prevent strong light and ultraviolet radiation, completely solve the greenhouse effect of sunlight on the indoor, suitable for various climate and weather changes, and has a long-term protection effect on the indoor environment. The test shows that the shading rate of the rolling shutter doors and Windows can reach 100%. The shielding rate of temperature can reach more than 95%.

Aluminum alloy rolling shutter door is changed from the traditional rolling shutter door noise inherent shortcomings, opening or closing process only wind blowing leaves like the sound, give you a comfortable feeling of opening the door.Welcome to check it out.

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