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Wood Aluminum Coils: Energy Saving Materials

Wood Aluminum Coils: Energy Saving Materials

  • 2018/08/01
Today, more and more energy saving materials welcomed by the public, people needed materials are more likely to live in energy-saving and environmental protection. Wood Aluminum Coils is a good choice. There are many reasons is the reason why we chose it. Aluminum are preferred by most installers and home owners because of its weight, low cost, high strength, and ability to easily bend to any desired shape. Hence, you and your architect can get a little creative while designing your metal roofing system complete with matching aluminum .Wood Aluminum Coils are made from coil stock as well as sheets and pre-designed shapes, and are available in a very wide range of colors, shades, and finishes. Whether your metal roof or any other roof for that matter, possesses a wood finish or has a finish resembling stucco, stone, you will be able to locate matching flashings made out of durable and versatile aluminum.

For many years, there have been many improvements in aluminum gutter systems. In the past days, they would often have problems with the paint coming off or they weren't as sturdy as they needed to be, but today you'll find a lot of nice changes. Here are a few tips to look for with aluminum. Thickness - If you want a long lasting aluminum gutter, then you should be sure it is at least. Anything thinner than that will lead to problems. A ladder can easily bend it and a heavy rain can cause sagging or bowing. Paint - Always read the warranty about paint finishes to be sure you are covered for years in the future. In addition, the paint on traditional aluminum gutters has always held up better than the coil stock that makes seamless gutters. Attaching It To Your Roof - The age old method of using long spikes through ferrules or metal tubes, is one that should be laid to rest. Why? Because this method does not allow your rain gutter to expand and contract. Then what happens is the spikes come out of the fascia board from being stressed with passing moment.

While flashings made out of copper need to be soldered for a waterproof joint, aluminum flashings need to be lapped and fastened mechanically as well as caulked for a perfect seal. You must remember to use aluminum nails to fasten your flashing to your frame as using a dissimilar material such as steel nails will cause galvanic action and result in faster deterioration. Aluminum flashings can also be shaped and installed quickly as compared to most other materials. Prices of these flashings will not blow a hole in your roof. A metal roof fitted with such flashings will not only add strength to your home, but will also require fewer columns and beams due to its light weight and high strength. Wood Aluminum Coils brings great convenience to our life, more important economic and affordable!

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