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Aluminum Slat Ceiling-Adorn Your Life

Aluminum Slat Ceiling-Adorn Your Life

  • 2018/08/01

Aluminum Slat Ceiling started to appear in the new century. Aluminum as a widely used material has many advantages, such as: a beautiful metallic luster. Following this, there has been a wide variety of all kinds of ceiling, according to their preferences you want the ceiling. Ceilings have now become a focal point for many rooms with beams, ceiling insets, and lighted mold. However, there are lots of ten and twenty-year-old houses with plain tray ceilings crying for decoration. Following is a brief talk about some specific situations.

Putting some interest here can perk up the whole bedroom. If you want a clean, uncluttered or contemporary style, paint the ceiling inset of your tray a few shades darker than the ceiling color or the same color as the wall color. If your bedroom is more traditional, try your hand at installing crown mold or hire it out. Because you're only doing a small space, splurge on some deeper mold. Or, if you have a one-story house, hire an electrician to install recessed lights in the four corners or add a plug so you can place rope lights inside some crown mold installed about seven inches down from the corners. This really dresses up the tray ceiling and creates a wonderful ambiance in the room with soft lighting. When a bedroom has a more contemporary style, give the ceiling some real punch by making an arbor of stained slats to fit inside the tray. It looks incredible when the slats are stained to match the furniture. Install stained runner boards inside the tray and affix to the wall or ceiling. Then, nail stained slats so that they're evenly spaced over the entire tray and flush with the opening and surrounding ceiling. It's a very sophisticated look that takes more time than money to make.

If you have tray ceilings in your living or dining room, add picture frame mold around the light fixture and install wallpaper within the mold to create interest inside your inset. If you're especially handy, painting a faux scene inside the mold makes a special and unique touch. Tray ceilings in living areas are also good spots for accent color. Too scared to put color on the walls? Then paint the inset of the tray ceiling. Pick out an accent color from your furnishings and then paint the inset and sides with the color. Other options include installing monorail lighting inside the inset and hanging pendant or spots that can highlight artwork or other areas of the room.

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