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Why Painted Aluminum Coil Has Been Received?

Why Painted Aluminum Coil Has Been Received?

  • 2018/08/01
All along, the aluminum is very versatile, if you watch carefully, you will find aluminum in very much. Thus it can be seen, aluminum lots could not be replaced by other materials. Therefore, the reasonable choice of aluminum products would have brought great convenience to our lives. Painted Aluminum Coil, when it comes to a lower density and weight, aluminum is the clear-cut winner. As a result, parts made from aluminum coil are lighter and can be shipped more easily and less expensively. At the same time, it can be anodized like steel to enhance its corrosion resistance. Aluminum coil vs. Copper-When it comes to low voltage applications, aluminum takes the prize thanks to its lower cost. While copper is more conductive than Aluminum, it is also twice the cost. In terms of price it is practical, aluminum is a very good choice, very high cost performance!

If those parts happen to be air conditioner coils, the benefits of aluminum over copper become even more pronounced. Because it is a lighter weight material than copper, aluminum can more easily be manipulated into shapes with greater efficiency by simple bending and twisting. As such it can fit into micro channels where copper cannot go. Aluminum also does not have as high of a scrap value in the marketplace, so the use of it instead of copper fends off thieves and drastically lowers the likelihood of needing to replace parts or equipment.

And that leads to perhaps aluminum's greatest selling point. It is cheaper than copper all around. But with environmental impact at the forefront of everyone's mind these days, its eco-friendliness should not be overlooked either. Aluminum is not only recyclable but there is no limit on the number of times it can be recycled. In other words, aluminum coil can be recycled over and over again. Another advantage is that of aesthetics; it can be painted to enhance the appearance of the products it is used in. Metallic finishes, colors, textures and visual effects-the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to aluminum coil. What's more, the finish can be customized to the client's exact requirements for color, gloss, thickness, formability and special coatings. In comparison, the only consistent finish options with copper are polishing or adding a patina.

Available in several non-heat-treated (common) and heat-treated alloys, aluminum coil is available in a wide array of formulations. Most of these alloys contain manganese and/or chromium in addition to aluminum. In terms of weight, customers can generally choose from five pounds up to 5,000 pounds. Product widths range from as narrow as one quarter of an inch wide up to 60 inches in various thicknesses and alloys. All of these benefits add up to aluminum coil being deserving of serious consideration. Comet Metals supplies a wide array of aluminum coils.

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