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Why Choose DingFeng For Colour Coated Aluminium Coil?

Why Choose DingFeng For Colour Coated Aluminium Coil?

  • 2022/10/05
Color coated aluminum coils are popular among professionals in a variety of industries, such as appliances, composites and electronics. These coils exhibit a range of benefits, some of which are light weight, recyclability, corrosion resistance and uniform color.

Dingfeng has earned a reputation in the national and international markets for its impeccable line of aluminum coils. The vibrant colors and versatile textures make these panels popular in the market. To expand its product range, Dingfeng has introduced color coated aluminum coils.

So, what is color coated aluminum coil?

Color coated aluminum coil is an aluminum coil colored with fluorocarbon coating or polyester color coating. These are colored with PVDF/FEVE coatings, which are obtained from well-known coating manufacturers. Just to name a few: PPG, Spectrum and NIPPON.

These colors are stain and scratch resistant. To ensure that the paint lasts, 2-3 coats are applied and then baked at high temperatures. After curing, the paint produces a thickness of 25-30 microns on a cold roll.

What makes Dingfeng's color coated aluminum coil better?

When it comes to what makes Dingfeng's color coated aluminum coils better than their competitors, then the answer is quality. Accelerated weatherometer tests are conducted at Dingfeng to check weathering resistance, as well as salt and spray tests to check the warranty of the coating.

In addition to these advanced tests, Dingfeng ensures that the coils maintain their quality range. Some of these are

Flame Retardancy

Aluminum is not a combustible element. It has a melting point of 600 degrees Celsius, so even in the event of a fire incident, aluminum has little chance of burning and causing harm to the product.

The high resistance to heat makes it a suitable material for cooking utensils and appliances.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

These coils contain a PVDF/FEDE coating which contains reactive molecules that promote the formation of a protective surface layer. These colors do not emit any toxic gases or release VOC gases into the air. Making it easy to be recycled and meet environmental standards.

Uniformity of color

The coils do not have any color distortion or warping, which is common in spray painting. These colors are long lasting and durable. These coils are used in the cladding industry for the manufacture of aluminum laminates or solid aluminum sheets.


Aluminum coils are flexible and malleable. It is easy to cut, slit, drill, join fix and crimp. The coil can be bent and shaped to meet requirements.

Visually unconventional

Coils have a visually pleasing appearance. At Dingfeng, we offer PE coating on the coil to give it a matte or glossy texture. In addition to this, there are hundreds of colors of coils to choose from.

The feature that makes Dingfeng better than its competitors is its customization feature. Color coated coils can be customized in any color or shape. These have high gloss retention and weather resistance. Dinfone uses lead-free coatings with elongation properties and less chalking to ensure it gives a better texture to the coils.


Dingfeng is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of color coated aluminum coils in India. Its connectivity and transportation fleet ensures on-time delivery and extensive exports.

Dingfeng gives a 30-year guarantee on every cold roll of aluminum coils. The demand for these coils is widely available in the form of aluminum composite panels in residential and commercial complexes, while apart from this it is also commonly used in roofing, ceilings, corners of cabinets and cans and other electronic products.

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