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The value of the aluminum-plastic composite panel

The value of the aluminum-plastic composite panel

  • 2018/08/01
If you're in the construction business, or the building maintenance or sign painting business, you'll already know the value of a good quality aluminum composite panels. Others may not have come across the and may be unaware of its uses and its benefits for a wide variety of purposes. Aluminum composite panels are made from flat panes bonded together to form a tough sheet. The panels are usually made from a layer of non-aluminum material in the centre, sandwiched between aluminum sheets. There are often layers of other material beneath the aluminum sheets to make the panel stronger and tougher. These aluminum composite panels are often used for cladding the exterior of buildings, or for signs.

These panels are strong and sturdy but also light, which gives them the advantage over many other materials. The panels may be used to make partitions or false ceilings within a building, or to insulate. Composite aluminum panels are easy to transport because they are light, and they are also easy to manipulate, cut and form into the required shapes and sizes. The panels score points because they are weather resistant. This means that the surface of the panels will not be damaged under the light from the sun or during cold and wet weather. The finish on the panels, and the panels themselves, last for many years. These panels also bring benefits to construction because they offer good thermal insulation properties, as well as soundproofing properties and fireproofing. Composite aluminum panels absorb shock and they also provide anti-vibration features to the building they clad.

The panels are easy to clean and, because they are easy to paint, are easily adapted to the specific needs of a construction project or business. The panels' versatility, weight, ease of manipulation and cost make them a popular choice for a variety of sign purposes. Signs made from aluminum composite panels tend to be long-lasting, impactful and hard wearing. You can buy composite panelling in different lengths and widths, depending on the job you need to do.

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