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Do You Know About Aluminum Composite Panels?

Do You Know About Aluminum Composite Panels?

  • 2018/08/01
Curtain wall Aluminum Composite Panels refer to the composite panel applied as building curtain wall. It is the composed panel with plastic material as the central layer and aluminum on two sides of it, as well as decorative and protective coatings or films as the decorative sides. Now, there are stricter quality requirements for new materials in construction and building decoration. The aluminum manufacturers, based on those requirements, bring forward more standard quality control methods and means.

According to the standards, ocular estimation is the method for chromatism testing. It should be done under natural light and not in direct sunshine. However, there are no regulations on illumination, and the testing results are varied owing to different environments. According to GB/T 17748-2008, take a piece from the aluminum as the specimen, and measure the aluminum thickness with the thickness tester of 0.001mm resolution. Every specimen should measure 5 points at least, including four angles and the central part. The thickness result is the Min. average and arithmetic mean of all the measurement. Lab think PARAM CHY-C2 Thickness Tester and PARAM CHY-CA Thickness Tester can satisfy division value requirements of the aluminum thickness precisely. Now, aluminum material is quite expensive, the precise measurement of its thickness can control the quality and reduce costs reasonably.

Therefore, such high precision thickness tester is the best choice for aluminum thickness measurement. The thickness testing of composite adhesive film complies with GB/T 6672-2001 Plastics Film and Sheeting--Determination of Thickness by Mechanical Scanning and its relevant regulations, Lab think PARAM CHY-C2 Thickness Tester and PARAM CHY-CA Thickness Tester can also suit the composite adhesive film (macromolecule/high polymer film) thickness and thickness error measurement. According to GB 9754, 20 degree gloss meter should be applied to test. When testing, the testing data of more positions is preferable. The difference between the maximum and the minimum values is regarded as the gloss deviation of the curtain wall aluminum-plastic composite panel. According to GB/T17448-2008, Aluminum-plastic composite panel for curtain wall, the tearing strength test of high polymer films is also called vertical tearing strength. AS the testing method is GB/T11999, Plastics Film and Sheeting Determination of Tear Resistance? Elmendorf Method, therefore, it is better to be termed as Elmendorf Method Tearing Strength. Lab think PARAM Tearing Tester is the applicable tester for such tearing strength testing.

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