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Aluminium Coils for Interior Decoration

Aluminium Coils for Interior Decoration

  • Jan. 09,2015

Aluminium Coils for Interior Decoration


Aluminium coils and strips with PE coating are inspiring in the interior sector as contemporary alternatives to create modern and attractive interior designs. Whether as kitchen interior design or for bathrooms, doors, ceilings or wall claddings in hotels, restaurants, conference rooms or individual houses – with their exclusive colours and shapes, DINGFENG Company offer impressive decorative solutions. For example aluminium panels or aluminium walls with a coil-coated wood surface. And through the smooth surface of the aluminium even small rooms get visually increased by reflecting the light.


Thanks to the coil coating the aluminium products are also especially easy to clean. Thus the panels are ideal for interior use in bathrooms and kitchens for interior wall decoration, but also for other decorative interior applications:


Bathrooms and showers: walls, room dividers, claddings, etc.

Toilets: ceilings, partitions and doors

Kitchens: splashbacks, wall claddings, etc.

Conference rooms and store construction: ceilings, partition walls, wall coverings, furniture, etc.


Because of the lightweight structure both products can be installed over large surfaces and allow a cost-effective and simple creation of curved constructions.


Further options and advantages:

Large variety of surfaces, smooth or textured

Low weight, high rigidity, perfect flatness

Simple construction


Decorative wood imitation panels

Digitally printable

High resistance with protective varnish

Gloss levels: high gloss, satin, matt

With Nano materials, grease, moisture and water repellent

Optional coating: Antibacterial

Easy to clean and maintain

Part of the interior thermal insulation system

Rapid delivery

Available in widths up to1600mm


More and more wooden and marble stone imitation patterns are under developing. We do need your attention. Thank you.


From Zhaoqing DingFeng Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Focus on wood and stone patterns aluminum coating coils 

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