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Affordable Wood Aluminum Coils

Affordable Wood Aluminum Coils

  • 2018/08/01
21st century eco-friendly materials and were welcomed by the masses. Wood Aluminum Coils is a good choice. There are many reasons is the reason why we chose it. Aluminum is preferred by most installers and home owners because of its weight, low cost, high strength, and ability to easily bend to any desired shape. Wood Aluminum Coils are made from coil stock as well as sheets and pre-designed shapes, and are available in a very wide range of colors, shades, and finishes. Whether your metal roof or any other roof for that matter, possesses a wood finish or has a finish resembling stucco, stone, you will be able to locate matching flashings made out of durable and versatile aluminum.

While flashings made out of copper need to be soldered for a waterproof joint, aluminum flashings need to be lapped and fastened mechanically as well as caulked for a perfect seal. You must remember to use aluminum nails to fasten your flashing to your frame as using a dissimilar material such as steel nails will cause galvanic action and result in faster deterioration. Aluminum flashings can also be shaped and installed quickly as compared to most other materials. A metal roof fitted with such flashings will not only add strength to your home, but will also require fewer columns and beams due to its light weight and high strength. Wood Aluminum Coils brings great convenience to our life, more important economic and affordable! If you would like more information, please visit:www.df-alu.com.

Zhaoqing Dingfeng Building Materials Co.,Ltd is Located in Zhaoqing national high-tech zone, This is an ideal place for the industrial transfer from around the Pearl River Delta. Dingfeng is one of the biggest manufacturer in China for roller coating aluminum ceiling panel and color coating aluminum coil.

Dingfeng consists out of a renowned, highly qualified and professional group of technical and managerial personnel. While we supply perfect quality assurance, we are committed to research and development and product innovation. Our company has been stressing on an established quality management system, and we have obtained ISO 9001 International Quality System Certification. Each product is also being tested regularly by the National Building Materials Supervision Inspection Center, and all products reach the national standard. At the same time, the company has a perfect internal quality inspection mechanism at various phases of the production process, ensuring each product reaches the standard requirement, keeping customers trust.

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